Trying to fix the infamous water leak


May 14, 2019
Hello everyone, I am new to the forums. I drive a 2006 Mustang GT that I noticed is leaking a little bit of water. We had a heavy rain this past Saturday, and I felt some water drip onto my feet. When I looked down there, I saw a little bit of water had dripped down the sides of the kick panel and the carpet was slightly wet in that area. I noticed it on both the driver and passenger side. I already checked the drains at the bottom of the cowl, and there are perfectly clear. It was not an excessive amount of water, and it was on both driver and passenger side, which is why I suspect that it might be the foam seals around cowl panel grommets. My question is whether it would be best if I just remove the foam gasket and seal around them, or if I should buy new cowel panel grommets. Also, if I do seal around them, would a clear silicone be okay to use, or should I get some of the Motorcraft seam sealer? I will also be replacing the window weatherstrip retainer seals because those are leaking as well. I’m hoping that this won’t end up being one of those issues where the fender has to be removed...
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