Turbo guys


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May 25, 2005
What do guys think about this...it's the whole hot side for 700. i could buy this, and slowly add on. would a turbo coupe t3 (i believe that is the name) fit on this? i'm not looking for enormous power, just a little fun. what do you guys think?
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first of all, there's no link there. it kinda sounds like you meant to link to something

secondly, you wouldn't wanna go single turbo with a tiny little t3. it's simply too small of a turbo and will run out of steam before the motor goes into it's main powerband. the .60/.63 ones are perfect for a TT setup though, and you can find them off of an 83-86 tbird turbocoupe (84-86 also grab the intercooler) 84-86 mustang SVO or turboGT, and the mercury sister cars to the ones i just mentioned . that's what i plan on eventually doing, fabricating all the piping myself with some help of course.

check out www.turbomustangs.com/forums they've got loads of good info there and many junkyard turbo builds you will definitely learn a lot.
that looks like a pretty nice kit, and you can't beat that price. IIRC, a t3 turbo will not bolt up to that header designed for the t4 turbo. you can fab up for search around for an adapter plate to use
For one that GT 45 is a HUGE turbo...hope you have a built motor lol.Second that kit isnt for that size of a turbo, maybe a GT 42. To answer your question bout making at least 400 hp.. that is not so. They are saying that the kit can make up to 1000Hp with the right setup, your motor can make 200 doesnt matter
i dont want a huge turbo..im looking for small numbers (400 or less..pref. 350 rwhp). is the cold side pretty easy to fab up, or is there a good place to pick it up? whats the best turbo for my application? (low boost, less turbo lag, less power)