Turbo question..

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First off your questions a little bit vague but for the most part the NA will always be easier to repair than a turbo because for one there are less parts to break you dont have to worry so much about excessive boost blowing out your gaskets, fine tuning timing and fuel and the like. BUT as for worthwhileness (sp?) the turbo will always win hands down just because NA's are a dime a dozen where as a Turbo will give you better returns on both the street and in your pocket if you decide to sell it. Hope this helps.
I just spent a while just trying to get the turbo out of my car while getting both of my arms all cut up. With that out, there's a ton of room to just work on the 2.3l engine. The N/A will always be easier to work on, but the extra work with the turbo would be well worth it.