Tweecer Wot Tuning Tips


Sep 26, 2008
I have a couple questions. I had originally tuned my 94 H/C/I cobra using the MAF transfer- by richening the entire curve until I had the desired WOT air fuel ratio. This worked fine, and the car runs great, however it’s very bad on fuel. So I want to retune the car with some fuel mileage increase in mind. To do that, I mainly want to add fuel to wide open throttle condition only, and not anywhere else. I read the tweecer tuning manual on here, and the scaler names mentioned for the WOT fuel management does not match the names in my tweecer software. I’m running the cbaza strategy, and I’m using the most recent software version. Can anyone tell me what field I edit to only add fuel to Wide Open Throttle condition?
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