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Jun 14, 2004
Guys, i have a small problem. Yesterday i was under the car checking for an exhaust leak. I than moved to under the motor where i noticed a little oil running down my radiator hose (lower) I followed the oil and found two small pudles (a thumb print size pudle) above the water pump in those two small little crevises. The head gaskets cannot be to blaim because the engine would tick or make noise. I dont know if its the lower intake manifold or the water pump gasket...or something else right above it. A while ago my dipstick was out and oil came out of my tube.....could the oil be there from a while ago? or would it have burned up......what do you guys think??? Engine runs great...no noises besides slight header leak. :bang:
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Jan 10, 2003
One way of diagnosing the leak is to take it to a shop where they could put a special dye in the oil, and after the engine runs for a while and the oil circulates, the dye will show up under a special UV light. I would think a reputable shop would run the dye in the oil for not much money and then you'd know what gaskets are bad so you could fix it. I'd say you could do it yourself because the dye is cheap (available at NAPA i know) but its the UV light thats expensive.

Just a thought :nice: Hope you find it!
Jun 17, 2004
mesa, az
clean the oil out of those low spots and drive it then check it.....if it's that front manifold to block seal it may not leak unless your actually driving it......like the other guy said it's probably either that ir a timing cover gasket although it oil is settling in both those little valleys there sounds like manifold to block seal........becarefull hosing it off untill you know where it comes from or you'll get water in your engine, and thats no fun......