Unknown idiot light


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Feb 9, 2003
A friend of mine has a 97 GT and posed a question for me to answer. He sais that when he turns the key on, a light comes on the dash that looks like a gas can with an X over it. It last for about 30 sex to 1 minute. He says it has gas in the tank.

Does anyone know what this light is and why it comes on?
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Is it normal for it to come on just when he turns the key on and then go off after a minute? He doesn't have a manual, so any information on what it is supposed to do and what causes it would be appreciated.
Mine personally doesn't do that and never has so im unsure. It wouldn't hurt for him to atleast check the coolant and see if the float is stuck on some slime :shrug:

These cars are known to crack the upper intake manifold (due to it being plastic) and leak coolant everywhere so checking it wouldn't be a bad idea ;)