Updated Restoration Photos

I still haven't gotten around to putting in the glass - but I have made some progress.

I installed the carpet underlayment, then put in the foil/air insulation over the entire floor and inner quarters. It should make a big difference in both sound and heat. I used the same insulation behind the headliner. I also riveted in my restored fiberglass interior panels. I have my entire wiring harness out and ready to install. It seems relatively straight forward. Note that this is my first restoration. Every thing that I have done so far I have done for the 1st time - so I feel that it is going pretty good. I have done everything except for the paint, cowl repair and the transmission rebuild myself.

I had the inside of the trunk painted semi-gloss black to match the engine compartment. For my next mini-project I am planning to finish the trunk with upholstery and make it look better than the stock painted finish - so it won't show anyway. The underside of the trunk is body color.

I have to force my self to stay focused on one area at a time. It is easy to get side tracked and have 2 or 3 things going on the car at the same time.

Take a look:

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It cost about 45.00 to do the entire inside and roof. I got it at Lowe's. I had to buy a 3rd roll to finish the passenger floorpan, but I have most of it left over. I have seen the stuff used on Cobra kit cars with great results - so I figured I would give it a try. Every early mustang I have owned would practically cook me with heat rising from the transmission tunnel/floor pans.