Upgrading to 31 sline axles and have a quesiton

I am going to beef up my rearend this year, and I am looking at putting in some Moser 31 spline axles. I see that they list 2 different part numbers. There is the normal 31 spline axle, and another number listed for an Auburn posi.
As of right now I am planning on going with the Auburn ECTED differential, so I imagine that I need to get the Moser axles for the auburn posi.
Does anyone know what the difference between the two axles are? While I am at it, have very many people run the ECTED diff?
I have done some searching, but there doesn't seem to be too much feedback on how these perform.
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I thought I would go with the ECTED since I drive the car on the street most of the time, with occasional trip to the track.
I figured it would be nice to have the limited slip on the street, and then lock it up when I go to the track.
But I am still in the planning phase. I haven't committed myself to any certain parts as of yet.
Here is something you should look into if you have not already
gone with the Moser axles

Paul Riva and his dad had issues such as bending and the like
with one of the well known major axle brands

Sorry ... I don't remember which brand it was
I've seen him post it many times so the details are easily found

They ended up going with the Superior brand IIRC

Well, I finally found out the difference between the regular Moser axle, and the axle made for the Auburn Gear diff.

Note: These axles are designed specifically for use with an Auburn differential. 31-spline Auburn differentials use a narrower pin and require a button dimension of .312'' (the standard dimension is .285''/.295'')

Can anybody decipher it for me. I am not too sure what they are talking about by the button dimension.

This brings up another question to me. If I want to go with the Superior axles, does that mean I can no longer use the ECTED differential? Superior doesn't list a separate part to be used like the Moser does. :shrug: :shrug: