Upper and lower control arms

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Ok, well I spent weeks agonizing over trying to work lca's into my gift certificates... and finally decided that since the MM ones couldn't be worked into them, I'd do without for the moment. From what I can gather... go with Maximum Motorsports... which is what I am saving for at present.
MPH recommended me to get Steeda control arms but are there any other brands that are a little cheaper that work just as well and are adjustable?

I would go with Steeda or Maximum Motosports. Stay far, I mean ****ing far away from Granatelli and stay away from Mac. When it comes to suspension, I wouldnt skimp on the quality as this can cause you to destroy your car when they fail(granatelli has a big issue with theirs breaking and causing cars to wreck)
I always hear alot of good things about the Steeda upper and
lower control arms and people are getting super results with them
at the track.This springs when the weather is better I am taking the
mustang to the track and before I do I will be installing Steeda upper
and lower control arms. :nice:
Word of warning stay far far away from the POS Granatelli control arms.
Their were people here that had the Granatelli lower control arms snap
in half on them at the track. :eek: