UPS is so NICE


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Apr 4, 2005
Sneaky pete setup..only a 50 shot, any suggestion on were I can hide the tank and mount the switch.. California isnt very forgiving at the sight of NOS.


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Sorry, no help on the bottle. When I did the switch in my 98 I scrounged an extra fog light switch from the junk yard and mounted it next to the existing fog light switch. Looked like another o.e. switch because it was. Nobody ever caught on:D
Has to be somewhere you have easy access to the bottle. With one that small youre gunna be filling it regularly. I would say underneath the mat in the trunk. You might even be able to fit that under the spare.
hahaha.....I was thinkning in my center console. Just have to figure out a way to turn in on...mayby add the remote opener to it...???

Either way thanks for the all the input guys.... Let the garage time begin.
Thanks STANGNET once again. !

Ill post a vid of it in use tonight..IF IT DOSNT RAIN..nos...cobra engine...dont do so good in the rain.