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A worn stock fox, it might be a close race, especially with bad drivers. If you car is in good running condition, you know how to drive, and especially if you have some mods, go make some money.
How am i supposed to respond to that?!

By making sure you can drive well.

I don't know why you consider that car to be a laugher. If the kid knows how to launch he has a solid chance of hanging with your or possibly winning.

If it was a 5-spd, with a few mods then my money would be on him if your car is stock.

If you aren't stock, you'd have the chance. Those V6's have 210HP, but are slightly underrated. I've come up across a few that are plenty quick. There is a member of my Mustang club who has an '05 AUTOMATIC CONVERTIBLE. He tossed a few bolt ons in it and was hanging door to door with my '03 GT that i drove to a 14.1 best. Over the winter he put on a supercharger.
the newer mustangs are heavier, and the 210 hp doesnt have the same torque as a fox, so its not AS powerful...but the 5 spd auto's arent the dogs that the aod's and aod-e's were... so you've both have advantages and disadvantages...just make sure you dont spin too badly and make sure you shift decent and u'll do fine
An '05 V6 is rated at 202hp, and 235ft lbs from what I just looked up. So a bone stock, underrated 5.0 has a little more hp, and a lot more tq, and is 500lbs lighter. PLUS, the V6 is an auto. Assuming you're not the worst driver of all time, and your car is a 5spd, if you don't beat that with even a stock 5.0 fox, you've got something seriously wrong. A 5.0 with a couple bolt ons and a good driver should be a good run for an 05 GT auto, nevermind a 6 cyl. Then again, we've all seen h/c/i or blower foxes with tools behind the wheel running 14s.
i have a mac O/R H pipe with a dynomax exausht 2.5" , an MSD distributor and blaster coil and i only have 70K on the odometer. I am the second owner and the guy i bought it from bough it brand spanking new. The car never saw snow and wasn't beat on.
nothing to worry about, the v6 wont be fast.

even the gts arent nothing to really worry about. stock for stock they outrun a 5 liter. but it doesnt take much to get a fox running good. and all the stock gts i see at the track, with your average guy they run a low 14 with a stick....
If it were me I'd tell him it'd be interesting, then stomp the living **** out of him. Of course, it all depends on what's done to YOUR car and how you both drive and hook up.
no laughing matter here. dont disgrace the 05+ V6 mustang if u havent rode in one. they are pretty damn stought cars. MM&FF dynoed a stock 06 V6 auto and it layed 190/210 or really close to them number! looks it up and u will find the one im talking about
Aside from figuring in drivetrain loss and the extra weight of an '05 with a 5-speed auto, I'm betting it'd at least be a pretty close run against a T-5 5.0 Fox. As stated, a lot of it comes down to the driver. Driving an auto obviously isn't nearly as hard as a stick, although it's still easy enough to spin the tires too much off the line and wind up looking like a dope.

If you're confident enough in your driving abilities and you've got $200 to throw around for fun, I say go for it ... as long as it's at the track.
he needs to post some details about his car before we go picking winners. if his car is stock and a little tired, mr V6 has a strong chance to be $200 richer.

it wouldnt take much for a fox to put a few legnths on a V6/auto car provided its running well and slightly modded