vaccum issues


New Member
Aug 21, 2003
well just finished the reseal job this morning, changed the oil and started it up , let it run for awhile...i took it for a spin and it ran fine, got on it a little, but i noticed that right when i opened the throttle there was a really loud abrupt sucking noise...i thought it was strange so i parked the car got out and reved it a little and the noise is coming from right inside the upper manifold, just behind t-body...its wierd cause it is a really short noise and then it goes away if u take your foot off the gas or keep it on...another issue is that i heard what i thought was a vaccum leak coming from the back of the intake...i pinched off the hose that goes from the pcv valve to the back of the upper and i could hear the valve close and the air noise stopped...i dont feel any air escaping from the hose or any other place...any pretty sure i hooked all hoses up right...oh and the reseal fixed the oil leak in the front but it wasnt the rear of the intake that was leaking it was something else...argh :bang: probably rear main or valve covers
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