Valve cover clearance question


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May 19, 2002
I am going to be putting on a set of GT40ps with scorpion 1.6 pedestal rrs. I currently have a GT 40 intake with a half inch phenolic spacer. I went with the half inch cause otherwise I would have some hood clearance issues.

My big question is will the FMS tall valve covers work with a half inch spacer? If they won't that is fine I will just have to grind on the baffle and maybe the valve covers a little but I figured that now was a good time to add a little pizzaz to the engine compartment.

Thanks guys
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when i had the Cobra intake i used a 1 inch spacer to clear the FMS Tall covers. I had to cut out the " Y " or the wish-bone on the hood. Cleared fine after that. Now im using the TFS TrackHeat/1in, spcr and its a whole diff. story,not to mention the Prothane engine mounts a bought raised my engine 1/2 inch(that sucked)
My intake (explorer, bulkier version of GT40) fit under my hood with a 1" spacer. If you're looking for FRPP valve covers, I'm pulling mine off in a week or so and selling them, 50.00 shipped. They're carb covers with the two holes, but they can be made to work with EFI no problem. All you need is a 6.00 special breather that FRPP sells that has a nipple like the stock oil fill neck, so you can connect that hose, and a push in oil cap for the other side. They're painted black right now, but they could be sanded and polished up really nice, or painted to match your engine bay. Let me know if you want them. I'm getting chromed covers, I'm too lazy and unmotivated to polish the ones I have.