Vert Qtr. Windows....

Az Pete

10 Year Member
Mar 30, 2005
Panama City, Fl.
Just as a note to Vert owners, our '07 had a small problem with the quarter windows. The seal on the leading edge was showing signs of the rubber coating peeling on the flat surface where it attaches to the window. The seal it self is in good shape and seals great. Went to the local Ford dealer today and they ordered both new quarter windows for the car with no questions. Seems the seal is part of the glass. They will also tint the new ones at no cost.

They will not provide a loaner as I did not buy the car there. I bought it in Az. since I lived there (now in Fl.). Tried to talk the service writer into one but no luck. Was told that loaners were reserved for customers that bought cars there. I came back with the question of do you want me to buy our next car here then how about a loaner. No luck but I do feel good getting the repairs covered.
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i had the same problem with my 06. Dealership took a lot of pictures and sent them to headquarters so they could verify that it was more of a defect rather than wear and tear. They fixed though under the warranty.