Vids of my runs @ Pony Wars last weekend


Jun 11, 2008
Tallahassee, FL
Myself and a few other folks from TMCA (Tallahassee Muscle Car Association), went up to Valdosta, Georgia on the 13th to race in Pony Wars 2010. It's a GM vs FORD vs MOPAR event, all cars had to be insured and have valid registrations - ie, street driven street legal cars. Lots of awesome cars out there, GT500's, Saleen SC GT's, Roush GT's, supercharged/turbo'd mustang GT's, lots of head/cam/intake GTO's, corvettes, and even a rare classic big block gran torino. Steeda was one of the big sponsors and they put on a tour of their new factory right down the road from the racetrack - South Georgia Motorsport Parkway.

It was about 45 degrees outside with 15 mph headwinds, steady all day. My best run was against a twin screw supercharged (not sure if it was roushcharged, KB, or what) blue S197 GT driven by an older woman. I ran a 13.2 @ 102.7, 1.88 60ft, .11 reaction time. She redlighted and pulled a 12.9.

Link to vid is here - YouTube - Running my Mustang at Pony Wars 2010 , SGMP

Next run was against a cam/intake/possibly heads red GTO with slicks. I cut a 13.3 to his 12.67, I had a nice holeshot on him but that car pulled like a raped ape.

Link to vid is here -
and here - YouTube - Mustang GT getting the holeshot on GTO, Pony Wars 2010 SGMP

Last run was against a Shelby GT500 with some bolt on's, I did another 13.3 and the GT500 pulled a 12.54.

Link to vid is here - YouTube - Mustang GT vs Shelby GT500
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Thanks man, I appreciate that. Yeah, she's a good sport and is does a nice job with the camera. Now she needs some wheel time. I don't think there's much left to squeeze out E/T wise on the motor until I get these cams installed. Before I installed long tubes and aluminum DS I ran a 12.8 on a 50 shot, spraying off the line.