Weatherstrip issue


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Mar 17, 2017
New York
Both of my body to door weatherstripping were replaced back in the late 2000’s. They are still in perfect condition. But. This weekend we had a construction project going on at the house which required me pulling the Mustang out of the garage. Of course it had to rain. Pretty hard actually. Car hasn’t seen rain water since the 90 s. Lol. Anyway. Water was pouring in from the top of the door on the passenger side. So pissed. Once I got her back inside, dried off and a chance to investigate, I noticed a really big wrinkle in the weatherstripping on the upper left corner when looking at it where it makes that sharp radius. The other side is smooth and wrinkle free. No leaks. I can only imagine that wrinkle must be where the water is getting through. I’ve never noticed it all these years because the car has never seen rain. Any way to fix that short of replacing the entire piece of weatherstripping? Like I said, it’s in brand new shape still. Super frustrating
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Any chance your door hinge pins or bushing are shot? My driver door leaks at the top front. My bushings are worn out so I plan on changing them. If the door is sagging slightly it probably isn't getting a good seal. That is my train of thought at least.
I'm a visual guy, only problem is when someone describes something I see it as a cartoon in my head. :doh: mostly not helpful.
Aren't most guys?
You'll have to pull the whole thing out and sit it in the sun for a few hours. Then clock it so that the corner is no longer the corner. So look at where the cut line is on the rocker by the carpet. Doesn't matter where that line is so move it a foot in one direction. This will change the section that hits the corner and it should be good. I'd kinda estimate where the new section would hit the corner and put that in first so the strip isn't tweeked in any particular way. Most leaks are at that spot.
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