Well, found out why my headlights/tailights/gauges wouldnt light up!


Aug 21, 2003
Ok, well i have posted some threads about why my headlights and tailights and gauges wouldnt light up. I pulled the gauge cluster and couldnt find a melted wire. So i finally said screw it and took it to a mechanic. I go to pick it up today and this is what i get....


Imagine the black knob that turns on your lights in the hole in the middle.


Just a top view of the light ignition. That big white piece in the dimmer for your gauges and clock.


Then this little ****er. A wire burnt and melted. And guess why. The previous owner had NEONS under the car. He showed me the wires. The extra wattage cause the wire to short and burn. Im lucky i didnt have an electrical fire. And now im out $290 cause the previous owner wanted to own domestic rice!!!! :bang: :bang: :mad:
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Damn the mechanic charged you $290!? Mine looked exactly the same and I wasn't running any auxilary lights. My mechanic said it was a common problem on all Fords. It ran me $100, $30 for the switch, $30 for the pigtail and the rest was labor.
you got an anal reeming with no lube and they also added sandpaper to that!

the switch is $20-$25 MAX at ANY AUTOPARTS STORE!

It take MAX 2 hours to fix that! and that is if you are BLIND and have no ARMS to do the job!

it will take even an unskilled person at the most HALF-45min to finish the job.

$290 for a switch, jeez...