went the ford dealer the other day...


New Member
Apr 15, 2003
Clark, NJ
i went to the dealer the other day and i really wanted to test drive a new one, but the dealer only had 2 5spd in stock and they both 03 verts to i test drove one, after drving it i wanted to trade my 94 for it, cuz the 94 is in the shop, but i wasn't really impressed by the power,my 94 is soo much faster, i kinda jsut wanted it cuz everything inside was new and it all worked, anyone here would trade there 94-95 for a newer one? and guess how much the car was? it was only 21k it was a 03 left over, nad it was a vert, the guy told me that no one wanted verts and that was why they were so cheap...
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I am going to go test the 05 if I can. But I won't buy one. I just don't want to spend any money for a new car at this point. But after I finish school that will be the first thing I buy.