What brand Floor Jack do you use? Sears Aluminum?


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Mar 13, 2002
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Looking at buying a new floor jack. I was leaning towards the Sears aluminum jack but the reviews on their website are all negative. Of course, I know people are more willing to write negative reviews than positive ones because we only voice our opinion when things go wrong....

So, I'm asking if anyone here uses the Sears model? My other options would be either a Michelin steel model sold at Sams or another aluminum model by U.S. General sold at Harbor Freight.

I will take recommendations for other models too but the goal is to keep it around $100.

thanks for the help,
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Wow, those reviews on the alum. jack are awful!

Here's the jack I've had for at least a year now:

Craftsman 4 ton Floor Jack Sears item #00950156000 Mfr. model #50156

I like it because I've never had a problem with it. I will say that, yes, it will pump up fast (3 or 4 pumps to the top) IF you have a full range of motion. Put it under a Mustang and you're still gonna take a few more pumps because the handle will contact the car sooner than, say, when I'm jacking up my 4x4 truck. It's not THAT big of a deal, but if you plan to get your car jacked up with 3 pumps or something, you might if you're jacking near the edge where the handle sticks fully out from the car, but if you're under very far, you'll have a few extra pumps...NO BIG DEAL.

Also, my jack is 90 lbs...a bit heavy really, but that alum. jack is 55, so mine is only 35 lbs more and is leak free :nice:

A 4 ton jack might be overkill if all you're jacking up is a Mustang, but I like to go overboard with stuff like that. Besides, my truck is 5300 lbs, so I need at least a 3 ton jack anyway. They do have a 3-ton jack on the sears website for around $70. I paid $120 for mine, but it's $110 now it looks like. I'd buy it again.

EDIT: Pick yourself up some jack stands too if you don't have any. Never crawl under a car unless it's on jackstands
I have the Sears 3 ton jack. It came with two small jackstands and a chair. I think it was $100. I ended up getting different jack stands though because there were only 2 and they didn't go up high enough for doing something like removing a transmission. But the jack is fine.
I have a 3 ton from sears that I got in a kit also with jackstands and a rolling chair etc. but the jack sucks. I can jack the car up an come back a half hour later and the car is on the floor again. I took the first one back cuz it was doing the same thing. I haven't had a chance to take this one back yet. Needless to say I ALWAYS use jack stands. I'm kind of getting pissed at Sears lately cuz their stuff is supposed to be mad in the U.S., but it seems to only be their handtools and everything else tool or power equipement related is made in China.
Craftsman 1.5 ton jack

That is actually the one I was looking at getting. I don't think I'd need more lifting power because it will be dedicated to the stang. With the car lowered its a pain to get a jack under the front frame and the alum jack can lift starting at 3 3/4" compared to the others that are about 2 inches higher at around 5 1/2 - 5 3/4" for a starting point. Sounds like not everyone has issues with their jacks so I will probably go for one anyway...

And yes, i have a nice set of jack stands, i just don't have the jack. It was left at my dad's house down in fla when I moved out west.

I posted the same question a week or so ago! I had 2 Sears jacks the 2 ton racing and a smaller older 3 ton jack, each lasted about a year. The racing jack leaked all the fluid out, and the 3 ton the saddle broke. If you do some research on line there are a lot of bad reviews on the Craftsman jacks. If you also look on line you can find the same jack as the 1.5 ton racing jack with a different brand name, so needless to say, mass production in China!

Here are some jacks for a reasonable price that I found that have a good costumer rating. The first 2 are made by Torin and are sold at Pep Boys they are call The Big Red jack. The last is a Norco, and I found nothing but good reviews on this company's products, and a good warranty and repair, although it was a little higher than the Torin.

I bought the Norco and just got it on Friday. Used it once this weekend so I am still out on the final verdict, but initially I like the low profile, and it is easy to maneuver.



I had one of the sears aluminum ones, damn thing broke so its sitting in the corner, I need to get it out and see what broke on it. I guess all those negative reviews are negative for a reason, hehe. The jack was awesome when it worked, but id stay away becuase it was pretty costly just to have it break.
I bought the Harbor Freight jack and new out of the box it wouldn't even lift me up. I took it back and the guy at HF said, "yeah, most of those come back". Great. So I bought the Sears 2-ton jack. I've had it for about a year and so far, so good.
I have had 2 of the Sears 1.5 ton or similar smaller jacks over the last 25 years or so. The first on started to leak down, so I yard saled it. The current one is about 8 years old, and works ok. I can't go bigger because both my Mustang and Capri are lowered, and nothing larger would fit under the k member. Bigger is heavier, and this one is easy to carry around. All of the commonly available ones are foreign these days. With the Sears, you could actually buy the parts to fix it if you wanted to.
I got a Sears Jack for a Birthday present a few years ago, the 1st one puked the oil out right out of the box, the 2nd had broken teeth at the bottom of the handle, so the 3rd time they went through all the jacks in Stock to get me 1 that functioned and it failed right after the 1 year Warranty.
i have a summit 2-ton aluminum jack.

the first one i got lasted about a year until one day it would lift and then bleed down really fast. i called summit and they said bring it back and they gave me a brand new one no hassle at all. it was on discount for like 100 when i got it. its really light too which is great for when you need to get around (or over) something. our garage is constantly cluttered it seems.

this one's still goin stong *knock on wood*
Ya know, as many problems as people are having with jacks these days, I would love to find one of those really old ones that has been around for decades and has never needed any maintanence... I used to work at a shop that I swear the jack was from back in the 50's and that was the greatest piece of equipment I ever used......

I believe that is the jack we have in the shop. Pretty good jack but it doesn't get used like the lifts do. We mostly use it for the big trucks for inspections and for pulling a wheel off a car to repair a tire, with other miscellaneous use (like today, supporting a motor on a friggen honda, do dig the alternator out from the bottom of the car. )