What kinda rebuild stuff should I get?


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Aug 22, 2004
Jersey Shore
What are the best companies for this stuff? I'm rebuilding an all forged 331

I need main and rod bearings .10/.10....tri metal, copper lead alloy ? school me
cam bearings
File fit pistons rings for Probe .030 twisted wedge specific pistons...cast iron, moly?
Stock volume oil pump
headgaskets, I'm thinking using mtl's?
head studs
pushrods made for the twisted wedge heads
intake and exhaust gaskets for Trickflow Track heat intake with tf trickflow heads, I was looking at Fel-pro but I don't know what number they are
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What stroker kit did you go with?

The fel-pro gaskets are 1250.

I'm not sure I got it off a friend, complete shortblock with tfs stage 2 cam and a tremec 3550 with swap parts for 2g's.
I think it's an Eagle kit but not too sure, I can put up a few little crappy pics of it.
Thanks for the number, will that come with the correct upper/lower gasket too?

Also I need some gaskets for a 65mm throttle body and egr spacer