Need Help: 95 Mustang GT Engine Rebuild


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Jul 25, 2021
Sarasota, FL
Hi all, so first off I have a bit of a weird build that I need some help with. I recently bought an 87 Mazda RX7 that was swapped with a 95 Mustang GT motor ("drift" car). It runs, it drives, but fuel pressure was low and oil pressure wouldn't pass 35psi regardless if I got to redline or not. It's pretty much a stock motor at the moment with 24lb injectors. So I am at the point of rebuilding the motor and upgrading the transmission to handle the extra power I want to put down. My final goal is to put down 350+ to the rear tires and ideally be at that 400 number. Here's my current thought process:

Replace all bearings (use machine shop to get clearances right. Possibly go on the high side of clearances for better performance)
High Volume Oil Pump (Possibly high pressure, still doing research as to the benefits in my case)
Rear sump oil pan (to clear front cross member. I understand that you all might not know about specific fitment but are rear sumps good for these motors)
+.030 bore forged pistons (Gonna want to make sure the blocks good so might as well get a bit more out of it)
Forged rods? (This is completely out of my realm, haven't even started to dive into research, my bad)
New stroker set? (instead of individual rods and pistons. Possibly a 331, 347? unsure)
Edelbrock Performer Heads (Again, lacking specific research, people have told me just find some GT40 heads and get them machined)
Roller Valvetrain Kit (From my research, I understand that blocks after 85 are roller blocks BUT for the life of me my smooth brain self cannot figure out what parts I'll need to make this happen. If anyone has a link it would be GREATLY appreciated.)
Roller Camshaft
Edelbrock Performer RPM II EFI intake
New Stock Water Pump
Very lightly used Foxbody Distributor (Already put a new one on before the rebuild, just want to reuse if possible)
New Accessories Kit for new pulleys, etc.

The car runs off of a standalone Holley Terminator X that I was able to setup myself for the most part (Minus a decent tune cause I'm a bafoon that would help a valve find a piston). Unfortunately, my father passed in 2015 and he was a car guy (well Jet Guy and if you've ever seen the extreme Machine Jet Semi at a Drag strip nice to meet you) so I never got the chance to learn how to work on my own cars as I'm young. For what I lack in experience, I try to make up with YouTube, service manuals, and just using my noggin to logic out solutions to problems. Just trying to find my own way and get some help from those who have been there before me.

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read.
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