What would you do with....

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Suspension. control arms, shocks/struts, frame support, headers. Basically, go to MaximumMotorsports.com and check out their package kits and get the one that suits your driving style. It will make your car feel faster, smoother, and all around better. I always say add handling and chassis support before power. The headers would complement the rest of your exhaust. If you still have money left over, look at some brake upgrades, even if it's to Mach/Cobra brakes. Once all that's done, go for powah!! :nice:
Hmmm, 3K. Well on mine id get the Saleen replicas in 18" 10.5s in the rear and some nice rubber. Then id get all 32 valve lash adjusters and the tool to change them. Id get better pads and braided lines. Some MM lower control arms and a bumpsteer kit with some CC plates :nice:
For you id find a used twin screw :D Or save a little more and get a new one :nice:
The only thing that sucks about the pony down kit is they say its not good for lowered cars . Its a great price and nice kit, I would love to have one, but my car is lowered. You might pull it off, if its not to low.

I read that also. Its like that because it uses the stock K-member and im sure the piping is really close to the ground as it is... but hell, id put my car back to stock height for it, lol.

any links to the pony kit? And I thought I read somewhere that if you go blown you have to get forged sooner or later


You dont need forged internals if you keep the boost to a reasonable level. Most people reccomend staying at or below 400 rwhp for a stock 4.6 before things get ugly, and thats with a good tune.
Well, as far as the MM stuff, which do you like more? It's hard to set a car up suspension wise that will be good in the twisties and on the strip. Honestly, either way a nice set of Bilsteins will make your car feel better, your stock shocks and struts are probably toast. And I wouldn't add a blower until you do control arms, and atleast subframes, or you'll just twist your car over time and you won't be able to plant the power. Build a good foundation before you go big power. But back to the suspension, I am a big fan of corners, so I want my car to track as smoothly, tightly, and flat through the corners as possible , so I'd look at a road/track kit. If you really like the 1/4 mile, then look for a good drag kit that has decent street manners. But I'd go for suspension and chassis before a blower dude.