what's in a name

So i picked up a 98 cobra, and I'm having a hell of a time finding body parts for it . Not because they're not available but because I don't know the name of the part that I'm looking for. The fiberglass piece's that run up the A pillar over the top and down the C pillar. What the heck is that called. My friend told me the hood flew up around 90 mph and smacked the top, and somehow the piece, that shall remain nameless; on the drivers side got broke. My guess is he broke it trying to remove it. Well if one of you could help a senile old fart I would surely appreciate it also there is a whole slew of weather strip and assorted hardware involved so if you know the name of a good supplier I would be thankful.
Thanks, BRIAN WAGNER AKA Freakinstang

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weendoggy I thank you for your reply and your knowledge. And I'm thinking your right on the wrecking yard. Noobz347 was also correct pictures would have really helped alot. My apologies to all for not getting back to you sooner but it's Hay season where I live and we've all been busier than a fart in a wind storm.