Wheel Spacers

Alright well let me give you a little background of my slight problem...Last summer I bent my axles at the track with my bfg d/r's. I knew a guy with a built 98 cobra rear end with 31 spline axles yada yada. I got it for cheap and its under my 03 gt now. I recently just got 315/35/17 BFG D/rs mounted on my new 10.5 inch 03 cobra wheels. I went to put them on the other night and the wheels didn't fit. They were hitting the inside of the underbody. I think I've heard that the 94-98 rear-ends are 3/4 of an inch thinner than our 99-04's. So I'm thinking some new spacers will do the trick right? I've done my research and I'm not one to cheap out. I want to get upgraded studs too. Do you guys have any suggestions/links to what i should get?
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stangsuspension.com has all the spacers you'll need and longer moroso studs but as mentioned before, wheels spacers and DR's?:shrug:

best thing to do is send me your wheels and tires and buy some new ones:nice:
Thanks blackink00 you've got me less worried now. Where did you get those arp studs?? What kinda spacers are you running too?? I just went to murray's auto place and bought a 5/16 of an inch spacer to see if it would make the new rims and tires fit and they did. I'm defanitely not going to use those cheapo spacers thought dont worry, i'm taking it back tomorrow. I'm looking at buying 1/2 inch think maximum. They aren't the adapters which seem to be safer right? With those spacers and upgraded studs should i be good?
Why do the adapters seem more safe?? It seems to me that the 1/2 inch plate style would be safer/easier...Also, do you know what the stock wheel stud size is??

Strongest connection is when something is bolted flush. The spacer can twist on the rotor face slightly. Since the wheel is farther from the rotor, there is a little more leverage on the studs and force is amplified.

With the bolt on style, it's bolted flat to the rotor and then the wheel is bolted flat to the adapter. The stress is right at the base where there is the least amount of leverage possible.
Hey li98gtstang, which spacers were you running. Maximummotorsports wont link right, were they the adapters or just the plate type ones?? Did you get upgraded studs as well?

The ones I got were from a place called AIM industries and made out of Billit aluminum and look very much like the ones from MM. Here's a pic of what they looked like going on so you can see how they mount flush as Mustang5L5 was describing.