where can i get center caps???


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Mar 31, 2005
Muhlenberg, ky
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i just bought these cobra wheels. they do not have any finish on them(brand new bare aluminum) and they dont come with center caps. Im goin to paint the wheels metallic sivler with with the inner spoke black(still debating) and goin to resell them i need center caps. will pony wheels centers work??? looks like they will (wheels car not here yet)
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I'm in the same boat. I have 17" Rial rims that I've never seen on any other car and I love em, but two of the caps are broke. The caps actually look identical to the ones on new Impalas, but I'll obviously not putting a bowtie emblem on my car! Good luck man.
Mustang30240 said:
actually there 94-95 cobra wheels, because they dont have black on them like the 96-98's do
actually they are 94-96 cobra wheels. i guess u didnt read my first post. THEY ARE BARE ALUMINUM, NO FINISH. but no since in arguing cause i didnt get em!