Which driveshaft needed for T56 into 99-04 GT?


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Sep 6, 2000
Pensacola Florida
I cant seem to find a solid answer on this. I have read that the GT driveshaft works with a spacer, have read that it's too long and needs to be shortened (which Im not doing, I have an FMS aluminum ds, and dont trust anybody to weld it around here), have seen people say run the Cobra pinion flange with an 03-04 Cobra driveshaft, or run the 03-04 Cobra driveshaft with a conversion ujoint and use the GT pinion.

In most of the threads I have read, there has been more people confused, and arguing than anything. Whats my option, without shortening my driveshaft?
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I have the D&D one. It's aluminum. Seems to work just fine. Not sure how much power it will put up with, but it took all the punishment I could give it while I was N/A and on slicks. Haven't made any passes with the blower yet.
just shorten yours. thats what wesley did to his when he put the t56 in his car that is now in mine. theres a guy over here in mobile that will do it his name is jody at specialty transmission. i dont know his number but text wesley he has it for sure