Which subframe connector

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I am happy with my Steeda ones. They definately helped stiffen up the chassis. I went with the chrome moly connectors. I have heard nothing but good things though on the MM ones too.....
I have full length steedas with torque box reinforcments. Really made a difference in the car. As for MM being better than the Steeda ones, I don't see how. Both drastically increase the rigidity of the car. Can't go wrong either way. Both are good products in the same price range.
I'd stay with the brand names. As for full length, I personally think regular length are fine for non-serious track cars. If so, you may want to consider some the Steeda's or some Kenny Brown Super Subs. If you need more strength, then definitely go with the countless MM recommendations.
Is there any trick to installing full length SFCs? Looking at the picture on the MM site it appears there are some extra parts to it. I dont want to have any issues with whoever was welding them in not being able to figure it out. How are the instructions?