Whipple Supercharger Owners Chime In...

I just ordered the Whipple Supercharger 10-12 psi kit with intercooler for my 2007 GT from Lethal Performance. Should be here next week. This post is for those of you who already have this system on their car. How many hours did the install take? Was the kit complete? Were there any special tools needed to install the kit that didn't come with it? How about positive/negative feedback about how the systems been running on your cars. How long did it take to receive the flash programmer from Ford once you sent in for it?

Anyone install this kit on a bone stock mustang with no other mods have it dyno'ed, and if so, did you get 475rwhp like the kit advertises?
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New Member
Jan 18, 2006
you might get close to 475rwhp with nothing else, but you'd have to set the boost fairly high and you'd be gambling on how long your stock motor will last. most importantly -- get a good tuner