Progress Thread Whoah...wait...what? Guess I'm Going To Do A Mild Restoration

If you had read my other thread, you would have known that I was replacing the engine in my '66 GT. You might also know that everything I do to my car I was to be easily reversed.

Well, it wasn't really my plan to do a full resto on the car, I was just going to scuff down the clear and reclear the car (the car had been repainted with base/clear at some point in its history). However, looking at the paint, there were some repairs that needed to be made, and I guess now I'm just going to repaint the car. So basically, new engines, rebuilt transmission, rebuilt suspension, paint. However, not replacing the is in very good shape already.


Engine is in, now for the tear down

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Absolutely. We make it out to Ft. Wayne a few times a year. My wife and boys like making use of all of the bike trails out there.

In fact, I'll be there next weekend to pick up a 1978 Mustang II to start working on with my oldest son.