Why Can't I Post To Am Thread?

I 'think' that what you're talking about are threads within the American Muscle forum? If that is the case, then nobody but American Muscle staff can post in there. They use that space to run their advertisements etc. There are some vendor sponsor forums that have specifically requested that the membership be able to post to their forums. Those forums that I've gotten that request from have been changed so that member posting can occur.

I've never gotten such a request from AM. If you have a specific question for them, you can open a private message to one of their staff.

Once you've contacted them, if you discover that they do indeed wish to have the membership be able to post in their forums, please have them send me a private message with the request.


Wondering if he's just trying to reply to a thread/post...not create a thread of his own in there (at which case, yeah, users can't, sponsors only, can).

Not sure...

astronut1885 Please provide a link to the thread in question and indicate what it is that you're trying to accomplish. IIRC, only AM staff can post in the AM forums.
I think I've found the problem and fixed it. Try posting in there again astronut. The most recent post I found in there was May of 2012. Somewhere about that time, it looks like posting permission was removed from that forum. Perhaps by request from AM (I'm not sure).

I'll check with them to see if they made that request. If they did, then there will be an announcement added to the top of their forum.

In the meantime, you should now be able to post in that forum. Post here, if that is not the case.