Will Blow-by Cause This Issue?

Hey guys, my 94 cobra is experiencing some issues with blow-by. I never really noticed until now but smoke coming from dip stick. My question is, I been having some issues with bad idle and when the car warms up it will shut down and be hard to start/wont start until cold again. Could the blow-by issue cause those issues as well?
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Try changing your beather filter and pcv valve then clean your throttle body and iac vavle.That should take care of the stalling and smoke from the dipstick. Also clean your mass air sensor.
I agree with changing the pcv and adding a breather oil cap.

Not sure cleaning the maf or tb will do anything.

Non start after hot usually is a heat related problem, probably not related to burning oil.

That can be a few things.
Does it crank over at full power after it's hot?
Well, if the starter doesn't struggle to turn over, it's not the starter.

Normally i'd say it was the tfi causing the hot start problem, but on 95's it's not on the distributor anymore.

So the other places i'd look are the coil and the distributor itself. The pip sensor causes issues.
If it is the distributor do NOT buy aftermarket. They all fail, they are all garbage especially the MSD. Find a used stock dis.

Any breather cap you like will really do, i think the one i had was like a screw in K&N, i liked how it looked visually.