Exhaust Winter Storage Of My '07 Gt


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Nov 16, 2009
I think there are 2 schools of thought on periodic starting of a car that has been suitably prepped for a long winter sleep (necessary here in MI, if the car hasn't seen winter ravages).... Any thoughts on the downside of an occasional 15-20 minute start and idle as opposed to leaving it rest under the cover with a float charger attached? I have concerns of leaving residual pipe and muffler moisture and maybe corrosion. It was parked hot. Comments?:shrug:


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My vote if there was no chance of driving it is under cover resting with float maintainer ....
.... and maybe then I'ld build me 4 wooden boxes of 1-1/2" wood that are tall enough and solid enough to set under the rear axle at each side and LCA ball joint area each side to get tires up / off the floor if planning to do this every year. At the very least, I'ld blow the tires up to 45 psi.

Ours has been dormant like so since October, but I think we are going to take her for a drive / dinner tomorrow as our "New Year's Drive".
I store my 05 GT in a heated garage and start it up every 2 weeks. Good for the motor and transmission and especially good for me.


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