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Mar 1, 2016
Hello everyone been a little since I've posted anything I'm trying to install a wiring harness from a 90 into my 65 but there is no fuel pump relay on the harness so need help figuring out where it connects to the pcm harness thanks
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The fuel pump relay on that year is mounted under the driver seat. If you want a harness with the fuel pump relay on it, you need one from a late 92 to 93., or you can wire in the relay to the 60 Pin connector on your 90 harness.
Is the fpr on its own harness or is it wrapped up into another bigger harness?
he said it is not on the harness buddy. On the 92.5 to 93 there are two relays by the MAF plug- one for the WOT AC relay and one for the fuel pump relay. On prior years there is only 1 relay for the AC WOT. The fuel pump relay is under the driver seat.

91 to 92.5 harness is the first attachment
92.5-93 is the 2nd
3rd attachment shows where it is under the seat on 87-92.5 and on 92.5 to 93 by the MAF



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