Expired Wrecked 2003 Mustang Gt Premium Parting Out

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Well, after over 10 long and wonderful years, my baby lost a showdown with an armadillo :( As I had only liability, I'm being forced to part her out, and figured I'd give the Mustang forums first dibs, as I know you all will give me a better price than a local yard will, especially for the aftermarket parts. I'll TRY and post pictures for you all on request, but keep in mind it's sitting in my driveway right now (where the wrecker dropped it off) and may not be able to get to stuff right away, since I don't have jack stands, and the jack that came with my car is in the trunk, which I may not be able to open.

I have my eye on a used 2006 GT, so am hoping to be able to get enough for a down payment.

Essentially, the entire car should be good, with the exception of the rear driver's side corner which is where most of the damage occurred. I wouldn't count on the body panels on that side being usable, but I believe the door should still be fine, as I was still able to roll the window up and down without issue. Driver's side axle is going to be iffy, as I'm not sure if it got bent or driven into the differential or not.

Please make offers, but be reasonable. I'm not going to be asking full price for the stuff that was on the vehicle, but still.... The parts that weren't installed I'd like to get close to what I paid for them, though (the majority of the stuff came from Americanmuscle).

So, here's what's what:

2003 GT Premium, Black on Black
Steeda Q400 hood
quarter-window scoops
Mach 1 chin spoiler and grill delete (chin spoiler took some rough handling from the wrecker)
Stock engine and manual transmission
factory option polished 99 Cobra rims (you guys know how much of a pain those are to find now, since Ford Racing stopped making them a few years back). AFAIK 2 of the rims are still in perfect condition; the passenger front had some damage from a previous accident, so for now the driver front and passenger rear are the ones I can count on being good; I haven't had a chance to inspect the driver's rear to see how it fared.
Steeda spoiler with the billet sides; the spoiler is a goner, but the billet pieces are still intact (might need a bit of polishing to get rid of scratches)
just about all of the MGW Ltd billet pieces on the inside, polished
Steeda Tri-ax shifter and composite shift knob
Mac prochamber with cats welded on
Magnaflow magnapack catback (it's probably not worth trying to sell that though)
H&R Supersport springs with Bilstein shocks/struts (driver rear parts may or may not be usable still)
Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
Front Bullitt/Mach 1 caliper upgrade with stainless brake lines and drilled/slotted rotors (will have to check which brand; I don't remember ATM)

I think that's it for stuff that was installed. Here's the stuff I had purchased but haven't got around to installing:

Maximum Motorsports Subframe connetors
Maximum Motorsports control arms
El-glo gauge inserts
Cobra calipers which I painted red for the rear, same kind of rotors as are on the front with the stainless lines
Steeda X2 Balljoints
Steeda tie rod ends

Might be a few more things I'm not remembering at the moment, but I'll update when I do.


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