wrecked stang


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Mar 27, 2004
Vancouver, WA
well I wrecked the stang today...it was wet outside and I was traveling behind a bus...I went to change lanes and looked over and saw there was a truck next to me..so I couldn't get over..by the time I looked back over the bus had stopped and I hit the brakes and the wheels locked up (even though I have abs) and I slid right under the bus...the hood is destroyed and the bumper is scratched up a bit and the passenger headlight was obliterated...the worst part of all is I am 19 and even though I am very responsible with it and hadn't had a single drop...I had a 6 pack in the back seat so I am told that I can pretty much kiss my license goodbye until I am 21 after my court date on the 20th...so you all wish me luck at convincing the judge not to take away my license but I am pretty sure it is going bye bye, mainly because I have had four other citations in the last 2 and a half years...me = :owned:
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Holy crap that sucks ! I think I have seen your car crusing up Minehaha a bunch of times. Sorry to hear about the accident. :notnice: at least everybody is ok, cars can be replaced.
yeah I live in the crystal creek apartments so minnehaha is right outside of the parking lot...yeah the car will be fixed probably with a cobra r hood it will cost probably around 2k to fix..but what sux is I will have this sweet ride and not be able to drive it for 23 months!
no not at all..thanks man..I just really hope I can keep my license...it is all I will think about for the next 11 days...I hate how I can freaking die for my country but I can have a six pack in my car that will later be used at home when I am not going anywhere to relax after a very hard week of 12 hour shifts...UGGGH...oh well I hate alcohol now anyway...
I Hope You Had Collision Insurance. You Will Prob Make Out Well As Far As$ Goes,but As For You License Good Luck Man, I Lost Mine For 4 Months, 8 Surchargable Events In 5 Years If You Lose Your License You Will Save A Butt Load Of Money And When You Get It Back You Will Have The Joy Of Spending It All With Your Insurace Money On A New Stang :d

I Bought A 88 Monte Ss For $2000 Beat Its Ass Every Day For A Year And A Half. It Was Stolen And I Got A Little Over $4500 For The Car.
The Funny Part Is , The Day It Was Stolen I Was So Fed Up With That Slow Turd I Was Actually Yelling At It "your Gone, Your F**ing Gone And Im Buying A Mustang" Becareful What You Wish For, Or.... Just Wish For What You Want.
not sure about mip but if you were under the influence and they can have prob cause that you were its probly gone for being drunk and under age just in posession though i have no clue but i would think you could keep it.
Every State Has Diff Laws Reguarding Your License,you Should Be Able To See If Your State Revokes It Just For The Mip.maybee,maybe Not, And Actually In Mass Where I Live Its 5 Surchagable Events In 3 Years Or 7 In Five Years I Just Happened To Get 2 At Once And I Was Already At 6. My Freind In South Carolina Went Off The Road Cocked And Caught Like 5 Feet Of Air Over Some Guys Driveway,destroyed His Truck,he Was Arrested For Dwi, And Still Has A License. It Was Like 6 Months Ago And He Just Keeps Feeding His Lawyer Money,i Think Hes Like $4000 In The Hole But Still Driving For Now At Least.in Mass They Would Revoke It Without Question. Search The Web For Updated Local Diving Laws.you Might Be Ok. Or Go To Your Rmv And Speak To A Court Justice You Just Walk In And Wait To See Him.they Are The Ones Who Say Your License Stays Or Goes. (fyi, He Cant Take It If You Just Go To Ask Questions They Have To Send You A Letter To Revoke It,usually Months In Advance)
another thing i had an experience with my cousin. it is a long story, but we ended up getting the cops called on us while driving.

the other drivers who caused us to retaliate called US basically. my cousin who was 23 at the time, had a 6pack in the backseat from walmart tied shut. with me in the passenger seat and being 16 they freaked out.

they tested us both even with them not even opened, and made my cousin prove he made the purchase. so i think with you being the only person they will screw you over strictly for that.

our story ended with the person who called the cops on us ended up having a warrant, and the passenger was the owner of the car with expired insurance and some other problems. they went away in cuff's for calling the cops on us. we drove off :rolleyes: