Yolk change

Got a rear end from a friend he thought it was for a mustang but turns out prolly from a Explorer or something...it is identical to my old rear end except for it was missing the quad shock brackets which i took both rear ends down to the local welding shop had them cut off the brackets and put them on the new rear end.The only problem now is that that yolk is bigger on the new rear end so i will probably have to switch yolks never done this before, is there anything that i need to know besides pulling that nut off and switching the yolks around your help is greatly appreciated .
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If the only brackets that needed changing were for the quad shocks, it's definitely not from an Explorer, or any other truck for that matter. Does it have any tags attached to it? Are we certain it's an 8.8, not a 7.5?
There where no tags and when i got the Diff cover plate gasket i got one for a 8.8 and it fit fine all the bolt holes lined up it has the abs sensor holes in it and has 3:55 gears. The only differnce was the quad shock brackets and the yolk so far.How would i know if it's a 7.5?
Come to think about it there was one other thing don't know if it matters was that there was a support bracket that was held on by a muffler type clamp on my old rear end that came out and the new rear end that support bracket was welded on from the factory.
If & when you remove the pinion nut your going to have to set the pinion bearing preload again. You cant just crank that nut tight, in case you don't know. Youll pork the bearing...:eek: