1. Ryno5150

    What's it Worth? 1967 coupe, considering selling.

    Something I never thought I would do - sell my 67 coupe. Well not for sure yet, but very seriously considering. Had it since 1995, kinda lost interest. Love the looks, hate the time/money/work involved to make it less archaic. Mild built 351W, T5, 9" rear Auburn posi 3.89 gear, 4 wheel disc...
  2. A

    Engine Need Help Finding a Part

    So I have a 67 coupe with a 66 200 straight six in it followed by a c4 automatic transmission. I am running into issues with spacing with the starter. Gone through 3 already. I am missing the bellhousing separator plate and I can't seem to find this piece anywhere. It is backordered on cj pony...
  3. K

    What's it Worth? Seeking rough valuation on manual 1967 Coupe w/ 351 Windsor

    Hi all, As title says, I'm seeking a rough valuation on this 1967 Ford Mustang coupe that is a manual (reportedly 5-speed) and has a 351 Windsor engine in it. Unfortunately I'm still waiting to hear back on mileage. Exterior is in good shape and interior is decent. I have attached pictures. I...
  4. jwalking

    67 Convertible Odd Non-Option

    I picked up a 1967 Mustang convertible that looks like it came from the factory with no heater. It has a solid factory embossed cover plate with the slots showing but not cut out instead of the normal heater control cover plate. The firewall also has a factory looking cover plate where the...
  5. L

    "eleanore" Shelby Mustang Gt500 1967

    So my girlfriend loves mustangs... like a lot and her favorite is Eleanore from gone in 60 seconds. I was thinking of asking her to marry me which is something I know she wants but I wanted the best way to do it. Does anybody know of anyone with a replica of "Eleanore" shelby mustang gt500 1967...
  6. arkelley77

    1967 Coupe Restoration

    Hi guys! I'm restoring a 1967 Coupe with the help of a mechanic, and this is where I will post any questions and maybe eventually some pictures.
  7. B

    Help Finding 4 Lug Front Hub For '67

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I bought a 'garage find' '67 coupe 6 cyl w/ 4 lug drums all around . I want to keep it stock and need a hub for the front. I've searched many Mustang parts sites and only see hubs for 64-66. Anyone know where I can find a 4 lug hub for a '67? Thanks, BeeMoe
  8. M

    Expired 2014 F150 Coyote Engine

    I bought this engine from a friend who totaled their 2014 F150 with 15,000 miles. Truck was rear ended. Was going to use for my 1967 mustang coupe. I am realizing how expensive the swap is going to be so thinking about selling. Motor is almost brand new and has everything except throttle body...
  9. kingleodiorio

    Flex Plate Or Flywheel

    hello, I'm getting ready to put a new motor in my 67 mustang. It's my first project and I've ran into a small problem. I'm mating the engine (1978 5.0) to a c4 automatic transmission. Do I need a flex plate, or flyeheel? do I have to get it balanced for my engine, or are they generic in that...
  10. E

    Can Someone Tell Me Which Engine This Is?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and am going to look at a 67 coupe tomorrow. They say that it has a 302 in it, but I'm trying to find out if its a 302 and not a 289 for sure. I know its not easy to tell unless you know what to look for. I know they didn't put the 302 in until a little ways into 68, but...
  11. mentalward

    Help Assessing Value Of 1967 Mustang Coupe

    I'm looking at a '67 coup for a project car, and wondering if there are some adventurous souls who'd be willing to speculate on what this car is worth. All pics are here. It has rust through both rear quarter panels (below the curve) and is rusted through the passenger floorboard (will need...
  12. S

    Need Center A/c Register For 67 Mustang

    I converted my car to air conditioning with an aftermarket kit and it had a cheap plastic vent for the center dash register. I've searched ebay but can't find an original that's worth it. Does anyone have one or know where to find one?
  13. P

    Expired 1968 Shelby Hood, Valances, Fastback Decklid

    I have a 68 mustangs Shelby hood, fiberglass, unpainted. I bought a fastback project from a guy but am doing an Eleanor style restoration so I have no need for this hood. It it complete and undamaged except for a superficial scratch. I also have a decklid (original sheet metal, no rust), front...
  14. R

    67' Coupe Fender Apron Measurements

    Hello, everyone. I've been working on a 67' coupe for a few months now and need a little help. I made the mistake of removing all the fender aprons and both shock towers and now I need some measurements in order to put it back together. I've attached a photo i "borrowed" wish I could give that...
  15. Mustang Club Of America

    Mustang Club Of America

    39TH annual fall regional Shelby/Mustang event. Held at the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC. Ranging from Classic to Modern with Borla at the event showing off there systems and some engines on display with ITB'S " individual throttle body's " . Very good event hosted by great people in a...