67' Coupe Fender Apron Measurements

Raul Esparza

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Oct 7, 2015
Hello, everyone. I've been working on a 67' coupe for a few months now and need a little help. I made the mistake of removing all the fender aprons and both shock towers and now I need some measurements in order to put it back together. I've attached a photo i "borrowed" wish I could give that person some credit but can't remember where I got it. Anyway, the picture shows a great example of what I'm looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Ok we will start with the spring towers .The front of the car should be leveled from frame rail to frame rail .Also since everything is removed from the frame rails the front of the car should be supported at the front of the rockers so there is no stress on the frame rails .
From the front of the frame rail and front cross brace below the radiator support to the center of the front control arm hole is 22 1/4 inches This will position the towers on the rails .Clamp them in place ,do not weld yet


Now from the front of the tower and inside edge of the driver side frame rail at the top inside edge measure up to the inside edge of the pass side tower and this will be 38 1/4 inches . The driver side will be the same measurements .


You should have 22 1/4 inches between the front control arm bolt holes .what works great here is a long piece of 1/2 inch all thread through the front control arm bolt holes with a nut on the inside of each tower and on the out side of each tower to keep them the correct distance apart . You will have to X brace the towers to keep them in position .once you are certain they positioned at the proper measurement then the towers can be welded .
this will take you a while ,then we will start with the aprons up to the fire wall .
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just want to double check on the 22 1/4" measurement between front control arm holes. With the other two dimensions set correctly, I'm getting 27 1/4" from hole to hole where the all thread is.


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Alright, towers are in place! Now I'm trying to get the control arm brackets in place and I want to make sure they're the right distance apart from each other. I'm using that piece of all thread and the control arm bolts to line the holes up. On one side I have this going on... I figure that as long as the bracket measurements are correct I may just need to trim that excess off. Any advice?


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For some reason my camera is not willing to help out today .If you hook your tape on the lip of the adjuster bracket on the lower control arm bracket ,it will be 17 3/8 to the other side ...this is inside to inside of the square area the adjuster rides in .

They measure 5 1/4 inches from the frame rail on each side ,be careful not to go from the little tab on the frame rail but the rail its self.