1989 foxbody

  1. N

    What's it Worth? 1989 Ford Mustang GT

    Clean car, no rust, body straight, and 120,000 miles. COMPLETE and clean title. Motor ran strong and transmission felt smooth! Thank you in advance!
  2. Vince305

    1989 GT cranks but won't start

    Hello, this is my first forum post but I'm having some problems with my 1989 Ford Mustang GT. About two weeks ago I had tried to start it up in the morning and it wouldn't start at all just crank and that's it. I had drove it the previous day and it started and drove fine, nothing out of the...
  3. vristang

    What's it Worth? 1989 LX Roller - Worth?

    1989 Mustang LX Roller - $1,500 Clear Title This was an original 2.3 auto car. Paint will clean up better than the pics show, I just didn’t wash it well after it sat for a while. There is one dent behind the passenger fender, the rest of the body is great. The stud for drivers seat needs to...
  4. M

    no spark or fuel pump priming swap ecu

    I bought a pimpxs second hand. I sent to them everything came back good. Im having problems. I had my a9p ecu in it everything worked till it started leaking and then not fuel pump. I got the pimpxs and everything. Check the jumpers there all in the right places. But when I install it in the...
  5. D

    Idles Fine, Rev engine High Manually, engine comes down and dies.

    I am having an issue with my 1989 Ford Mustang with a 2.3L 4 cylinder. Car sat for about two years and is a convertible model (don't know if that matters but giving all information i know), i drug the car out this weekend and worked on getting it running. I believe it had roughly a quarter of...
  6. O

    Digital Tuning Anyone know this Superchip?

    Pulled this out of my 89, guess a previous owner put it in. I had no idea it was there. Anyone know what it does? Only thing to identify it is the microchips really. Looks like there used to be a sticker on the guard covering the microchips but it's long gone now.
  7. C

    Considering rebuilding my 1989 mustang GT 302

    I have a 1989 mustang GT 5.0 manual trans I believe the car is bone stock besides a cold air intake. I have never attempted an engine rebuild but. I have always wanted to my goal for the motor is to make around 400rwhp I don’t want it to be a daily driver but I am seeking reliability I wanna be...
  8. J

    1989 wont start after motor swap

    im having some issues my old 5.0 in my 1989 gt wasnt running good and my dad had a complete with accessories 1994 5.0 that i could have so i swaped and put my 1989 upper and lower intake on the 94 block and kept the 94 accessory set up and put it in the car. i started it up started first try...
  9. S

    1989 Foxbody Rear Lock

    Hey guys I bought a new lock for the trunk on my 89 foxbody but I have no idea how to install it.. when I bought the car it had no lock in the back so I didn’t have to take it apart. I’m confused on the lock extension and where it goes on the lock itself. Any one have an idea how to fix this...