1. Wayne Waldrep

    Electrical EEC-IV Capacitor Replacement Info

    Replacing the capacitors in your Fox Mustang EEC? Here is the quick and dirty info you need so that you don't have to look all over the place like I did. I watched every YouTube vid I could find on replacing these 3 caps. I also watched plenty of “how to replace capacitors” in general. I have...
  2. V

    What's it Worth? 1989 GT... Wondering Value...

    99K miles.... Hatch, automatic... needs front bumper cover and right front quarter panel from a light bump with a parking lot pole. Stock engine, trans and exhaust, interior is 7 of 10... Air doesn't work of course. Paint is about 7 of 10 also, no rust that I can see in body or pans. It does...
  3. AydenTv

    Engine My Foxbody Firing order is different

    I got this 89 LX Convertible with the 5.0 motor.. wemt to change distrubutor cap but first checked to see how the plug wires went on google.. 137 blah blah was every 5.0 HO motor firing order.. i noticed it was different.. it has tje 154 non HO 302 firing order.. idk why... it looks just like a...
  4. O

    Digital Tuning Anyone know this Superchip?

    Pulled this out of my 89, guess a previous owner put it in. I had no idea it was there. Anyone know what it does? Only thing to identify it is the microchips really. Looks like there used to be a sticker on the guard covering the microchips but it's long gone now.
  5. HeatShield

    Electrical TerminatorX Factory Gauges Help

    So I'm almost finished with my TermX install in my 347 5 speed (1989 LX) but am supremely stumped with the wiring of factory gauges. I removed my entire engine harness however left the harness coming out of the drivers side firewall because from what I've read that's where the factory gauges'...
  6. M

    Electrical 1989 mustang 5.0 runs rich and stumbles in closed loop

    So I recently converted my 1989 4 cyl to a 5.0 using all the correct engine harnesses from a 1989 car. The ECU I'm running is the A3M out of a 93 car. So the car starts right up no problem. After let's say 60 seconds of idling the car from what I think goes in to closed loop and once it does it...
  7. A

    Fender swap?

    I currently have a 1984 fox body. It’s a drag car and has been completely gutted of all accessories, etc. I’m not a fan of the four eye look and the guy who had the car before me put a 1989 front bumper on it Bc he wasn’t a fan either. What bothers me is the molding/trim that’s in the fenders...
  8. Y

    My new ‘89 LX Conv 5.0

    Couple of quick pics of my birthday present. I wanted this car so badly in high school. 30 years finally in one. Now to make look like new and run even better. Hoping to lean on some of y’all for advice in the coming months. Wish me luck!
  9. stang89bidges

    SOLD 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 Black, Hatchback, T5, DFW Texas

    Selling my Mustang everyone. It's a 1989 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback with 100,500 original miles!! The car is still mostly stock and in excellent condition. Garage kept most of its life. Everything in the car works. I have owned the car for 8 years now. Never been wrecked. Clean title. I'm in...
  10. T

    For Sale 1989 4cyl hatch rebuild 5-speed $1600 or best offer

    car guru listing:https://cargur.us/q0cf2 white 4 cyl hatch, rebuild, 5 speed has about 4000k miles on motor has an oil leak. car does run has lots of new parts, a/c lots of receipts mostly from o'reillys. rear seat delete saint george Utah 84790 1600$ or best offer
  11. W

    WTB/Trade WTB 1989.5 Mustang GT Fastback

    WTB 1989.5 Mustang GT Fastback This is what my baby looked like. This is my preferred choice. I am looking for a 25th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang GT Fastback with manual transmission. The 1989.5 is preferred, but a 1990 with the 25th Anniversary badge will work. I prefer the Bright...
  12. M

    Make A 90-93 5.0 Engine Harness Work With A 89 Dash Harness

    Hi, is there a way to make a mustang 5.0 1990-93 engine harness a3m computer work with a 89 dash harness? Please let me know if there's anyway to make this work other than buying a whole 89 engine harness, thanks!
  13. M

    1989 4 Cyl Manual To 5.0 With 1993 5.0 Manual Donor Car

    Hi, So I have a 1989 4 cylinder notchback manual that I will be converting to a 5.0 using a 1993 5.0 manual donor car. My question is what is the best way to tackle down the wiring with this situation. I know that 89 and 93 mustangs have very different wiring diagrams and pcms. Also since they...
  14. SlayAllTires

    Possible Eec Troubles! Help!

    Hello! This is my first post on StangNet. I've done plenty of lurking and searching to find lots of helpful information, this place is amazing! Before someone posts "Search it.", I have. Please read on. My car (1989 5.0 LX) has been having lots and lots of electrical issues. I've come to what...
  15. Noobz347

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions 2017-03-20

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions
  16. F

    Fox V8 Swapped 4cyl Car Suspension???

    i have a 1989 mustang coupe that was originally 4 cyl swapped to a 306. It rides like a ton of bricks. Can't tell if the original owner cut the springs or if the shocks are shot. But I want to upgrade to a good setup but all the ones I see are for a 5.0. Cool. What do I have to change to make...
  17. Broskeg

    New Owner Of 1989 Mustang

    Just went in on a 1989 mustang for a project hobby road racer car with my brother. Now that winter is coming to an end here in WI, we are starting to dig into the issues with the car so I will try out some posts on here to see if we can get some help. Been looking at other posted forums...
  18. M

    Engine 1989 Mustang 5.0 Full Throttle Drops Rpm Hesitation And Popping Noises

    Hello, I have a 1989 Foxbody Mustang 5.0 and whenever I give the car full throttle the engine starts to die. It makes popping noises under the hood and if i keep my foot pushed down on the throttle all the way the rpm drops and it just makes popping noises. I replaced the fuel filter and have...