1. Mustang Cobra Grille Insert Installation - 5.0Resto (87-93 Fox Body)

    Mustang Cobra Grille Insert Installation - 5.0Resto (87-93 Fox Body)

    See our 1993 Cobra Grille Insert Kit here: http://www.latemodelrestoration.com/item/LRS-8200F/1987-93-Mustang-93-Cobra-Grille-Insert-Kit 1987-93 FORD MUSTANG 93 COBRA GRILLE INSERT KIT Brand: 50resto Part # LRS-8200F Fits: Ford Mustang GT & LX Years: 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990...
  2. Mustang5L5

    1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang : Install thread

    No real questions here, just a thread to document what i've learned in this little project of mine. There is very little info on the net regarding this, i mostly had to peice info together that now seems very straightforward now from sources on the internet. Edit: I later made a video on this...
  3. jrichker

    Help me create the "Surging Idle Checklist"

    Updated 05 July 2022 to add rough idle when cold and smooth idle when up to normal operating temperature. See the EGR tech information, section #15 for more help. Many of you are familiar with the "Cranks OK, but No Start Checklist for Fuel Injected Mustangs" checklist and the No Crank...