1. Jonatan Issa

    Hesitates at wot

    My 1993 fox sometimes it hesitates and you can hear like a pop sound on the back when you floor it. The car is completely stock like 2 weeks ago bought a 255 fuel pump Codes: 81,82,84
  2. Jonatan Issa


    my 1993 Mustang these last days after 10-15 minutes the temperature begin to rise, normally stay below half The fan clutch was changed when buy it because was overheating And the I think the thermostat is opening I took this picture inside the rad that’s don’t look normal
  3. D

    5.0 swap 88 into 93

    I have a 93 2.3 manual and currently have the opportunity to pick up a good running donor car that is an 88 5.0 manual, but it has no title. Being new to this I’ve been looking everywhere for an answer to my question. I know the engine harness will have to be used but since the two years are...
  4. J

    What's it Worth? 93 coupe turbo

    93 LX coupe. I Daily drove it for a couple years before it went into paint. Nice car. 2.3L out of an SVO Mustang. Mild mods to a fully rebuilt stock engine (BNIB Ford replacement 020 pistons, etc). Has roughly 11,000 mi on the rebuild. Runs great. 5 speed manual. It is actually a V6...
  5. Wayne Waldrep

    Electrical EEC-IV Capacitor Replacement Info

    Replacing the capacitors in your Fox Mustang EEC? Here is the quick and dirty info you need so that you don't have to look all over the place like I did. I watched every YouTube vid I could find on replacing these 3 caps. I also watched plenty of “how to replace capacitors” in general. I have...
  6. 603mustangs

    What's it Worth? 1993 Cobra Engine

    Does anyone know the value? Engine only, no trans. Milage unknown.
  7. nelzfoxes

    What's it Worth? 1993 Royal Blue LX hatchback

    I have asked this before but I figure I'll ask again in this forum. I have a mostly original 1993 LX in need of rust repair and restoration. The car has 185,000 miles and needs quite a bit of work. It is an original 5.0, 5 speed car. The original Royal Blue paint is faded. It is numbers...
  8. N

    Need help from germany 5.0

    Hi everyone. Im about to restore a 67 Mustang with a 5.0L H.O. engine from 1993 Fox. Its my restomod. Ive read a lot of vacuum leaks and engine problems... to my set up. Ive got the original mainfold intake and the original alternator on this engine. Nothing else. So my question: What vacuum...
  9. B

    SOLD For Sale - 1993 Mustang Cobra - Black on Black 75254 Miles

    1993 Mustang Cobra for Sale VIN: 1FACP42D5PF137089 Car is number 37 of 4993 75254 Miles Location: La Porte, Texas Car is pretty clean, needs a few things... Comes with all 4 stock wheels as well. DM Message and can send more pictures and video... $18500.00 or best offer!
  10. Habu135

    What's it Worth? '93 Steering Column w/airbag

    What's a '93 steering column with a good airbag worth? Minimal wear.
  11. N

    For Sale 1993 LX Hatchback

    Super clean 93 with 43,900 miles on the clock. You really need to see it to appreciate it. The only modifications are an aftermarket radio, flowmasters and a 6 speed T56. Here is the story.......I just purchased the car with the intent of having a perfect foxbody that I could do minor mods and...
  12. J

    Fox My Mustang 1993 Limited Edition LX 5.0L FE (Canary Yellow)

    This is my Mustang, I am taking it over from my uncle's collection of cars, I am hoping to complete a full restoration. The back glass is shattered, the convertible top has tears in it and the front seats are virtually unusable. The quarter panel has been rusted through on the driver side and...
  13. Calcul0n

    Driveline resistance with 2001 Cobra IRS

    I have a 1993 GT, and I have been going through the steps of an IRS swap over the past several months, and finally drove the car about 1 mile. The problem now is that there seems to be quite a lot of driveline resistance. I have thoroughly cleaned out the diff and have fresh diff oil in there. I...
  14. M

    Engine Dies And Backfires At Wot

    1993 Mustang LX 5.0 manual. This is my son’s first car. It is a father/son project. It was wrecked in the front pretty bad when he bought it. We restored it ourselves and it is his daily driver. It was said to been bored .40 over. No records provided of build. It runs and idles well. The problem...
  15. M

    Make A 90-93 5.0 Engine Harness Work With A 89 Dash Harness

    Hi, is there a way to make a mustang 5.0 1990-93 engine harness a3m computer work with a 89 dash harness? Please let me know if there's anyway to make this work other than buying a whole 89 engine harness, thanks!
  16. M

    1989 4 Cyl Manual To 5.0 With 1993 5.0 Manual Donor Car

    Hi, So I have a 1989 4 cylinder notchback manual that I will be converting to a 5.0 using a 1993 5.0 manual donor car. My question is what is the best way to tackle down the wiring with this situation. I know that 89 and 93 mustangs have very different wiring diagrams and pcms. Also since they...
  17. D

    Expired 1993 Mustang Gt Low Mileage

    17,500 OBO 1993 Mustang GT Supercharged 347 Stroker 30,000 original miles Tremec TKO Too much to list Extremely clean Call 2108571622 in San Antonio tx
  18. B

    Accelerating Issue (and More?)

    I've got a '93 2.3L 4 cylinder fox body that I've had for a little while now. In the past few weeks it's had an issue; after I start the car, for the first minute of me driving it, the accelerator doesn't move the car too much, the rpm is low, and it makes this popping noise from somewhere near...
  19. Noobz347

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions 2017-03-20

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions
  20. Jamesrolls5point0

    Brakes Fitting A 93 Cobra Booster

    okay so long story short i was going to ask if its possible to fit a cobra booster (93) in to an 88 5.0 car, I've heard you have to beat the shock tower with a sledge in order to clear it in place. so i ordered the booster seeing if i was smarter then the average and if i could slip it in there...