1. L

    Adapters for newer seats in SN95 convertible?

    I've been hunting around on this for a while now, looking to put newer Mustang seats into my 98GT Convertible. There was a company that used to make exactly what I'm after...
  2. J

    1998 Mustang GT Not Holding Power

    I have a 1998 GT 4.6L SOHC, i was on my way home from a concert and my belt was squealing and i was slowly losing power and it ended up dying, assuming it was the alternator cause that has been an issue in an older car, i got a new alternator, jumped the car and still no good, the car holds...
  3. TECA356

    SN95 Convertible top operation

    Hi guys! I'm new in this forum. I've just purchased a 1998 GT Manual Convertible and I have a few questions about the top operation. (I don't have the owners manual...) When I put the top down (or up) should I keep pushing the boton switch a little bit more even if the top is already down (or...
  4. rx79gez8gundam

    1996-1998 4.6L SOHC Engine Harness Connector C210 Pinout

    I spent several hours searching without luck for the 42-pin C210 engine harness pinout without luck. Since I ultimately had to trace each wire by hand I decided I would document my work for future reference and post it if anyone else needs it. I have a new edge harness I will also trace when I...
  5. L

    Tires and wheels?

    I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s. I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires...
  6. R

    Need help with part for a 98 v6

    So i have a specific part i need help identifying for a 98 v6, went to multiple mechanics and they have no idea what its called. It sits on top of the thermostat and houses the coolant temp sensor anyone know what its called and where i can order on from? It cracked you can see in the pic where...
  7. S

    Wheels-Tires 1998 - What size spacers should I get?

    I have 225/55 tires on my ‘98 and I want the wheels to be flush with the fenders. Does anyone know what size spacers I might need for the back/front tires? Thanks
  8. A

    98 coupe dome/map bulb size

    looking to switch from stock to LED dome/map bulbs. What bulbs do I need???? The owners manual says “t3”, one chart online says I need 168/912 for the maps, 562/906 for the dome. I’m getting mixed signals. If anyone can definitively tell me what led bulbs I need for my dome/maps that would be...
  9. A

    98 coupe trunk light location?

    Previous owner removed the trunk/cargo light. I bought a bulb, looked up in the deck lid, cannot for the life of me figure out where it goes. No pictures anywhere online. Can someone open their trunk and take a picture to show me where the light is? Thanks all
  10. G

    For Sale 1998 Mustang V6, Crystal White *Clean*

    Up for Grabs, by popular demand. Family owned 1998 Ford Mustang in Miami white, Premium model with leather everything in great condition for the age, no rips minimal wear! This vehicle was primarily driven By the Grandma previously owned by the uncle since new! The car Has been recently tuned...
  11. A

    Engine 1998-Stumbles when fan kicks on

    150K miles, dual exhaust, cold air intake. Coolant flushed last year but looks muddy already since before I got it it went 5 years on a change. Ok so. This only happens when it’s hot out like it’s starting to get. Whenever I’m at idle (~750 rpm) and the fan kicks on it drops to about 500 and...
  12. E

    1998 And 1999-2004 Seats

    Hey, I have a 1998 Mustang with silver/grey cloth seats. I want to replace them with leather but I am having a hard time finding grey leather seats online for the 1998 year online, but I have found grey leather seats for a 1999 and upwards. I was wondering if the seats from a 1999-2004 will fit...
  13. stangbro916

    1998 Gt Intake Manifold Advice Dorman?

    Hey guys, I have a 98 4.6L. Pretty solid runner with most of the essential bolt on upgrades already done. There is a small leak in the back of the intake manifold which sounds to be common. Unfortunately it leaked down and killed my starter solenoid but that's another story completely. I am...
  14. E

    Rev Limiter On 1998 V6 Mustang

    Does the 1998 3.8L V6 engine have a rev limiter? I know that the auto transmission shifts at 4500, and that the red starts at 5000, but the tachometer goes to 7000. I was wondering how high can you rev it to in first and second gear before it damages the engine? Thanks
  15. E

    Gt And V6 Transmissions

    My friend has a 1996 Mustang GT that he wants to LS swap (he's a sinner) later this summer, and I want to do a V8 swap in my car which is a 1998 Mustang V6. He said he'd sell it to me for $850, but I was wondering if I also needed to buy his transmission from him or if the two cars use the same...
  16. W

    Electrical Headlight Nob Is Acting Strang

    So my headlight just randomly started actino really strange. I pull it out and only the headlights come on, not the running lights, the brake lights, or the instrument cluster. Now if I pull just about half way everything works properly but if I keep pulling it goes back to just headlights. This...
  17. MoDriver

    SOLD For Sale - 1998 Svt Mustang Cobra / 119k Miles / $8500, $9500 W/procharger Kit

    1998 Mustang Cobra, black w/black leather interior, 6-speed manual transmission, Mach-460 AM/FM cassette, cruise control, and power seats. Located in Springfield, VA. Much of the mechanicals have been upgraded or replaced. The engine and paint is original and stock. This car now features a...
  18. N

    Help Rear Driver Window Frozen

    I have a 98 gt convertible and the rear driver side window will now go down nor up.. All other 3 windows work fine. (power windows). I checked the back of the switch to make sure all wires were connected and they were and looked fine. Any help is appreciated.