1998 And 1999-2004 Seats

Evan Kramer

New Member
Jan 22, 2018
Hey, I have a 1998 Mustang with silver/grey cloth seats. I want to replace them with leather but I am having a hard time finding grey leather seats online for the 1998 year online, but I have found grey leather seats for a 1999 and upwards. I was wondering if the seats from a 1999-2004 will fit in the 1998 interior? I know that the interiors are very similar, but I don't know if the seats are the same or will fit. If anyone knows a place I can find grey leather seats for a 1998 Mustang, has some that they are willing to sell, or knows anything about 1999-2004 seats please let me know. Any information is helpful. Thanks.
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Active Member
Nov 4, 2013
They will fit, but you gotta remove the seat belt buckle on the newer sears I believe. I have a 96 I put in 02 black leather seats. I also have 2 seat belt buckles in my car now per side... I did not remove the extra buckle due to lazy