351 windsor

  1. M

    Estimated horsepower - stroked 351w?

    I just picked up a project car in the form of a 68 coupe. Some previous owner swapped in a 351w that I'm told is stroked to 387. That probably means it has 302 pistons, stock rods, and a 3.85 crank. Assuming that's accurate, what's a general ballpark for horsepower? Cheers!
  2. M

    351 Swap on a 95

    So I've been poking around and doing a little research, and I was curious to know if there are any real benefits to doing a 351 swap. It seems the most I'll get out of it is higher torque and a higher displacement. Other than that, I don't see any real reason to. Though I am interested
  3. PakstinN

    Fox Budget Drag Car

    Hey guys, a friend and I are trying to build a low budget drag car. Our goal is to run in the 11s under $5k. We will start off with an 83/84 (unsure of year) four cylinder lx, very barebones, no power anything. we have the car, a 351w, c4 transmission, and 9 inch rear end all priced out at $1k...
  4. J

    Engine 351 Windson

    ok i am getting ready to build a 351 windson. i would like to know which 351 is the best to rebuild. thanks for your input