1. S

    1995 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 - Electrical Issues - Need Help!

    Recently bought a 1995 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 as a project car for $300. Didn't start or run, and it had been sitting in a garage for 4-5 years. It needs a lot of love. The previous owner said it stalled while driving one day and he never looked into the problem. I'm a beginner and excited to...
  2. 9

    1995 3.8 v6 Camshaft Lift { Answer Inside}

    Hey guys i just extracted a cam from a 3.8 95 v6 mustang, did some measurements and got a TOTAL lift of .430. I dont have a way to measure Duration or LSA(although it is pretty tight), sorry. . Figured i would throw out that info. Someone is bound to find that handy when they decide to cam swap...
  3. Q

    Do 4.6L and 3.8L share the same motor mounts?

    Do the 4.6L and 3.8L share the same motor mounts? Would aftermarket maximum motorsports 4.6 solid motor mounts also fit 3.8L V6? Edit. The car is a 1998.
  4. Rockin' the Stock V6 Stang!

    Rockin' the Stock V6 Stang!

    2002 Base 3.8 Craigslist find!
  5. I

    Electrical 1997 no fire

    I have a 1997 v6 with a 1996 3.8 motor, eng wiring harness, ecm, dash wiring harness, cluster and column Ive tried everything and searched everywhere Im not getting any spark from the coil pack the 96 car ran and drove before I did the swap into my 97 I've checked the crank posit in sense and...
  6. 9

    Anyone turbo their 3.8 sn95 Mustang ? [build progress]

    This is the progress im at right now. I can add turbo #2 but the clutch cable and brake stuff is in the way of the downpipe. I will be adding hood air scoops. I'll probably do metal scoops. I need to cut a bit more for the air filter as well. Yeah, my hood's cracked. Hood pins are on the list also.
  7. 9

    [1995 3.8 v6] How do I Route belt for A/C delete? For turbo reasons.

    I need to remove the a/c system so i can put the turbocharger where i want it to be. Soooo.. how do i go about this. absolutely ZERO info regarding. Searching hasn't helped. It takes me to camaros, and diesels, and 5.0 liters and other non-related to the question.
  8. E

    Gt And V6 Transmissions

    My friend has a 1996 Mustang GT that he wants to LS swap (he's a sinner) later this summer, and I want to do a V8 swap in my car which is a 1998 Mustang V6. He said he'd sell it to me for $850, but I was wondering if I also needed to buy his transmission from him or if the two cars use the same...
  9. 9

    [1995 3.8] Which Coil Wire Is The Negative?

    Tried search and nothing. there's 3 yellow wires and a red. The yellow's may have a stripe color code, i'll have to get a better look. Thanks.
  10. N

    New Project, Need Help

    Alrighty I'm new here. I just picked up a project mustang. It's a 3.8 V6 (unfortunately) with 209k on the clock. I mostly picked it up because it's a manual and the body is in great condition.... and it was a thousand bucks. Here's what I would like to do. I want to build up another low mileage...
  11. Shelden

    Cracked Exhaust Manifold

    Going to be removing my passenger side exhaust manifold due to it being cracked completely in half right above where the flange connection is, managed to remove the 6 nuts fastening the manifold to the block , and the top egr bolt, but I can't seem to reach the lower egr bolt or the two bolts...
  12. Christian Cornwell

    Supercharged 1994 3.8

    So i recently went out and picked up a Vortech Supercharger for my 94 v6 and had some questions i thought someone may have some knowledge about but first some overview of the car. So i got the car about a year ago at this point as basically a fill in car that would look cool till i could get...
  13. T

    Sooo...now What

    Im pretty new to the mustang community, buying my 2004 v6 3.8L mustang just not even 6 months ago. So far I have a catback exhaust system, cool air intake, short throw shifter, stage 2 spec clutch, RAM billet aluminum flywheel, and some raxiom LED halo head lights. I really want to get this...
  14. C

    Chasing Misfire Afte Intake Manifold Gasket

    I have a 1998 3.8 V6 and I recently replaced the lower intake manifold gasket because it blew up and coolant was getting into the oil. Anyways, Fixed that, replaced plugs, Replaced injector o rings, changed the thermostat, flushed both system, Cleaned the MAF, the whole nine yards. Now, I've...
  15. NickSpill

    3.8 Liter Turbo Project

    i have a 2001 3.8l that i have been driving daily. the body is in perfect condition so i was thinking about doing a 4.6 swap. i looked into it for a while and realized it was not worth it so now im looking into doing a turbo 3.8l. could any one give me any insight into this such as is it worth...
  16. Buddy Tucker

    Mustangs Or Shetland Ponys

    Hello everyone I got a 1995 mustang with a 3.8 in it and from a dead stop if you punch it it won't even bark the tire's is this normal? The tire's are just 225 /15 nothing special about them
  17. T

    2001 3.8 Coolant Leak Near Intake

    I have coolant pooled up under my upper intake manifold near my passenger side valve cover. I recently replaced my thermostat and have a coolant sensor that I still need to put in. I can't tell if it's leaking from a cracked manifold or if it's a bad intake gasket. Which is more likely and how...
  18. Devin7344

    Fox 3.8 Essex Into Fox Body

    Hey everybody I just joined the forum and this is my first post. (Sorry if it's in the wrong place) I've been wanting to get a fox body for a while but don't really have the money for a nice 5.0. However, I see rollers for about $500 on Craigslist which is more in my budget. Now I have an old...
  19. A

    2000 3.8 V6 Swap To 5.0

    Okay, so i have a question, (I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to mustangs) I have a stock 2000 V6 3.8 Mustang, My friend has a rebuilt 301 5.0 with a 327 Stroker Kit. He has all the tools and necessities to swap it into my mustang and is willing to do so, completely free, including...
  20. NickSpill

    3.8 To 4.6 Swap. Is It Worth It?

    ive seen people do it but i dont know what all would have to go into it. Also would i have to use the 4.6 out of that year mustang or could i use the 4.6 out of another vehicle or another year with my T5 transmission. Thanks!