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Dec 28, 2016
Going to be removing my passenger side exhaust manifold due to it being cracked completely in half right above where the flange connection is, managed to remove the 6 nuts fastening the manifold to the block , and the top egr bolt, but I can't seem to reach the lower egr bolt or the two bolts holding the flange connection together. Please any advice on the best order to do this myself also best placement for the jack and the two jackstands I will be using. I also have two car ramps. It is a 99 v6, 3.8.
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i removed the k member and did it from underneith, though my egr tube was broken. Had to use a 4ft breaker bar, the flange bolts are tough to break loose! Heat and penetrating oil was a must. 2 of 4 studs broke, $9 to replace
Not sure if its the best place, but was most convienient for me being able to remove trans & exhaust


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