5 lug swap

  1. D

    Need help with suspension, wheel + tire size, 91 Fox SN95 5 Lug

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a SN95 5 lug conversion kit with 94-95 spindles, Cobra front and rear brakes, and fox length axels. I plan on lowering the car around 1 inch, and wanted to ask some questions regarding ride height and suspension setups, I am thinking of buying adjustable...
  2. D

    1991 Mustang GT SN95 5 Lug Conversion, Wheel Sizing and Offset Questions

    Hello, I am planning to purchase 94-95 Spindles for my 91 Fox GT Vert, and looking to buy Fox-Length rear axles. I'm installing Cobra front and rear brakes, and removing the quad shocks, and replacing the front and rear control arms for aftermarket tubular control arms. I'm thinking of going...
  3. hbadventure

    Progress Thread 85 Mustang newbie trying to be a good Dad

    Lifelong Chevy/Dodge guy. NEVER dreamed I would have a Ford anything. But my 16 year old had to have this 85 Mustang. it is an incredibly rust free, arizona car. Anyway he and I just finished a total redo on my 85 Ramcharger and well... Your kids come before your dislike for a Ford so here I am...
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    ATS brake installation using ssengineering kit. 96 spindle 13" rotor
  5. H

    Drivetrain Axle movement after installing 5-lug conversion

    When I bought my 1993 LX I received an LMR 5 lug conversion kit with it. It was the 31 spline version (LRS-4234B-K) using Yukon axles. My car has 28 spline spider gears still so I bought the 28 spline Yukon axles (YA-F750004K). I used the stock c-clip that were already on the car when installing...