air conditioning

  1. opihinalu

    Interior and Upholstery No air coming out of vents.

    Today I installed a new AC compressor clutch because my AC doesn't work. The clutch now engages which I am happy about, but there is no air coming out of the vents, even though I can hear it blowing while sitting inside the car. Any thoughts?
  2. 93CalypsoConvert

    A/C Compressor Wiring Harness Location?

    Does anyone know where the wiring harness is that connects to the AC compressor clutch? I cannot find it for the life of me... This WAS a 4cyl but converted to a carb V8 so I think the location of the harness is different than the typical V8 location. If anyone could tell me the location and...
  3. opihinalu

    Interior and Upholstery AC Clutch removal and install questions

    I am removing and installing a new ac compressor clutch and I have run into a block. I unbolted the first bolt and pulled out some washer/spacer thing in there. I rented this ac clutch puller kit from autozone and I don’t know how to use it. I’m not really finding any videos online to help me...
  4. 93CalypsoConvert

    Fox Lets make my AC work again

    After taking the convertible out on a hot day, I found that AC would've been EXTREMELY nice to have. So I want to make my AC work, but I don't know where to start. This car started as a 1993 4 banger convertible, but has since been swapped to a carbureted 5.0. This swap was done by the previous...
  5. H

    Adding Factory Look Air Conditioning to 70 Without It

    My daughter & I picked up a 70 coupe earlier this week. It did not come with factory air conditioning. How hard would it be to add it in regarding to the vents? I'm thinking it is a different dash pad, the center vents and the two smaller vents on the lower sides. Is there any difficult...
  6. M

    93 GT HVAC issues

    ok I have a 93 mustang with electric fan, pretty new 180 thermostat and 3 bar mishimoto radiator. My heater will sometimes randomly come on after leaving it on and driving 30 plus minutes. But never reliable and it's getting colder so it's a priority. Rear defrost works great tho. My AC doesn't...
  7. Hudson N

    My a.c. tempature control knob wont turn

    Hey, the knob that controls the a.c. temperature on my 1991 will barely turn. It has a lot of resistance in it and I don't want to break anything by turning it when it's resisting that much, anybody know what's going on in there? Thanks.
  8. M

    Please Help: 2013 3.7L is Hot (AC Issue?)

    Signed up and posting to try and tap the knowledge of the members here. You guys really know your stuff. So thanks in advance for reading! Background: 2013 3.7L manual black/black 38K miles, never a service issue other than oil, battery, tires. Have not done the Takata recall yet. Car has...
  9. plantmeister

    Leaking Ac Discharge Hose

    hello all, My AC discharge hose has recently begun leaking into my passenger floorboard. I bought a drain snake and went through the tube in the firewall, but there was no debris coming out. It still drips from the drain hose on the firewall, so I thought maybe it was a small blockage. But I...
  10. S

    Need Center A/c Register For 67 Mustang

    I converted my car to air conditioning with an aftermarket kit and it had a cheap plastic vent for the center dash register. I've searched ebay but can't find an original that's worth it. Does anyone have one or know where to find one?
  11. R

    Mustang Ac Pressure Switch For R134

    Looking for a part number for ac pressure switch. 92 Mustang LX 5.0. I replaced all ac lines and receiver drier with new ones by 4 seasons and added pag oil to convert to 134. My old pressure switch was bad so I couldnt reset it for the different pressure. My problem is that every new switch I...