1. mansour.aref

    Fox The build - 4eyed Fox - Stoppie Montoya

    00 Hello everyone, some of you have already seen some pics of Stoppie Montoya, my 80 Ghia Mustang that has a 302/347 under the hood. I have been driving the car since I bought it in March, intermittently (once a week), and stopped driving it for most of June and July, and now I am back driving...
  2. D

    Gen 1.5 Coyote (2013/14) vs Gen 2/3

    I was wondering what the shortfalls of the 2013/14 short block are. I see that it is very common to swap a gen 2 short block when going for big power with FI on these cars. I have owned my 2014 GT for about a year, it’s FBO and I’m not happy with the power. I have been considering purchasing a...
  3. A

    1987 408 Stroker comperssion

    Hey all, Sorry if this isn't the correct area to post this, as this is more engine specific than it is vehicle specific. though you could say that i plan on dropping this into my 97' fox and that i want some help on the motor for it. otherwise, i couldn't for the life of me find an...